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Project Bump

Project Bump, Server Growing, Made Simple!

Organic Members!
99.9% Uptime!
Setup In Minutes!

Project Bump Set-Up Instructions

You Can Follow Below To Set Up Project Bump!

Step 1

Once Inviting The Bot Proceed By Doing p%setup

Step 2

You Will Now Be Prompted To Set A Channel For All Of The Other Servers Advertisements To Go Into.


Step 3

Once you have Set A Channel You Will Now Be Asked To Set Up A Advertisement Message That Other Servers Will See, You Can See Your Set Advertisement By Doing p%preview Or Your Own Set Prefix If You Have Set One.


Congrats You Are Now Finished With The Set Up Process You Can Now Bump Your Advertisement By Doing p%bump or your own set prefix You Can Do This Every 60 Minutes, Or If You Vote Every 45 Minutes, Want A 30/20 Minute Cooldown? Upgrade To Premium Below!


Great bot, my server has gained a lot of members from it!

I loved this bot it has invited more than 10 members to my server in 1 day only.

Great bot! Gets you lots of members!

Rate: 4.5 Stars

Amazing bot, it helps a lot with partnership so you don't have to look for partners!

Great bot no issues, gained plenty of members since supporting it. The bot can advertise you but it can't force users to join, so scratch up your advertising skills before blaming the owner for your lack of joins!

Works perfectly no complaints! 5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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