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Project Bump Commands

The Table Below Shows You All Of The Current Project Bump Commands, Premium Commands Are In The Table At The Bottom!

CommandExample What Does It Do?
<prefix>setupp%setupRuns The Project Bump Setup Process
<prefix>partnerp%partner #partnerships Sets A Channel Where All Of The Other Servers Advertisements Go Into.
<prefix>descp%desc Hi Join My Gaming Server!Advertisement Message That Other Servers Will See In Your Bump Message.
<prefix>previewp%previewPreviews Your Current Bump Advertisement
<prefix>bumpp%bumpBumps Your Advertisement To All The Other Servers The Bot Is In.
<prefix>leaderboard / serverleaderboardp%leaderboard / p%serverleaderboardShows The Leaderboard / Server Leaderboard Where Servers Compete For Server Of The Week / Normal Server Bump Leaderboard
<prefix>setprefixp%setprefix ??Changes The Prefix To Your Stated Prefix.
<prefix>setlogsp%setlogs #reminder_channelSets A Channel Where Reminders Will Go Into.
<prefix>logsp%logsToggles Auto-Reminders ON/OFF.
<prefix>nsfwp%nsfwMarks Your Server As NSFW.
<prefix>votep%voteSends You A Link Where You Can Kindly Vote.
<prefix>pingp%pingShows The Current PING Of The Bot.
<prefix>statsp%statsShows You The Current Statistics Of The Bot.
<prefix>suggestp%suggest More Information On Bump MessagesSends Your Stated Suggestion To Our Suggestions Channel On The Support Server.
<prefix>setinvitep%setinvite bot / p%setinvite The Custom Invite For The Server!
<prefix>walletp%walletThis Will Show You Your Project Bump Wallet
<prefix>setremindermentionp%setremindermention @JamieG / @BumpNotifyThis Will Send A Notification To Your User/Role When You Can Bump Again
<prefix>setjoinchannel / <prefix>setleavechannelp%setjoinchannel / p%setleavechannel #trafficThis Will Will Set Your Channel You Wish To Show You Where People Came From When They Join! And When A User Leaves
<prefix>setjoins / <prefix>setleavesp%setjoins / p%setleavesThis Will Toggle The Join / Leave Invite Tracker ON/OFF

Project Bump Premium Commands

The Table Below Shows You All Of The Current Project Bump Premium Commands!

Command ExampleWhat Does It Do?
<prefix>autop%autoToggles Auto-Bump ON/OFF.
<prefix>colourp%colour yellow - p%colour FFFF00Sets The Embed Colour On Your Bump Message, You Can Use Simple Colour Names Or Use Hex Codes.
<prefix>imagep%image The Image/GIF In The Servers Bump Message.